Welcome Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online | $SAO Token is a turn-base VR-MMORPG set in the universe named Aincrad,created by Akihiko Kayaba
Inspiring by movies such as Matrix and Avatar, we develop Sword Art Online having the function of controling virtual body in game. Virtual Reality offers a new way to hyper-accelerate learning in a way never before imagined by human. Therefore, SAO aims to become the pioneer this development. We are aware of our responsibility to bring virtual reality to benefit society, especially children in terms of education. Join us to discover the cutting-edge virtual reality and see the fatastic future
Sword Art Online is a community controlled deflationary token, Sword Art Online's purpose is to develop solutions that will make the cryptocurrency space safer and easier to understand for everyone. The deflationary mechanism of the $SAO token includes a redistribution system. 5% of each transaction is distributed as a reward to holders.
On top of this, 58% of the total $SAO supply will be burned, liquidity will be locked we will employ the use of Anti-whale Encrypted Contracts.
Kindly read through our white paper and discover fantastic earning opportunities from Sword Art Online.
And finally, thank you for being a part of the Sword Art Online community!
Sword Art Online Team.