Sword Art Online
Symbol: SAO
Decimals: 18
Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000
Contract: 0x6de2bE8DfE877862327A7Cbb1B82E88B0303319A
Slippage: Buy/Sell 10%
3% Holders
Sword Art Online token's holders will automatically receive 3% fee from every on-chain transaction that takes place on the $SAO ecosystem.
This system is designed to reward the $SAO community for every trade that takes place.
2% Charity:
2% of the transaction fee on $SAO goes toward to a charity fund. This is used to support disadvantaged children, preparing them a better life.
3% Research
3% of the trasaction fee will be funded for virtual reallity research projects. This can create equitable access quality education for all children.
2% Burn
The remaining 2% will be burned to reduce the total supply and thus increasing the token value